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Courtesy: CAA
Twin sisters Kasey (left) and Lindsay (right) Prettyman both have found success as a UD Blue Hen.

Prettyman Twins Excel At Delaware

Courtesy: CAA
          Release: 10/04/2013
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RICHMOND, Va. - For many aspiring athletes, having the opportunity to play collegiate athletics at the Division I level is hard enough. The odds are against you from the start. But to be able to compete and play Division I sports alongside a sibling, yet alone your twin at the same university? That just doesn’t happen very often.

If you’re Kasey and Lindsay Prettyman of the University of Delaware, though, that’s just the average college experience.

From the time the two were young, competition and athletics were always a part of the Prettyman sisters’ lives. The twins, who grew up in UD’s backyard of Newark, Delaware, and attended nearby Saint Mark’s High School, admit that’s part of what made them who they are today.

“When we were younger, we were just always around each other, living in the same house, playing on the same teams. We had to be best friends … I guess not had to,” laughed Kasey.

“We kind of took each other for granted,” added Lindsay. “Field hockey season would come around and she would get first-team all state and I would get a little dinky honorable mention and be mad about it. And then during lacrosse, it would flip flop. Now, I know we both can be more happy for each other instead of jealous. Now I want to go see her play and do well when I can.”

“Exactly,” said Kasey. “Sports, school, everything you can think of. There’s still competition, but now it’s toned down a little.”

“When she does something good now I can be more proud of her rather than jealous,” Lindsay said. “That’s definitely better.”

In fact, sports play a large role in the Prettyman family. Lindsay and Kasey have younger triplet siblings – two brothers and a sister – and their sister, Joelle, is a sophomore Division I field hockey player at Rider University in New Jersey.

“She actually almost came to Delaware, but it just didn’t work out,” said Kasey on the possibility of having three Prettyman’s on the same campus.

“I think she wanted to get out of here [Newark],” Lindsay added. “She [Joelle] really hates getting compared to us. It was best for her to do her own thing. She’s doing really well at Rider and we’re very proud of her.”

“She’s a little too crazy to go here,” joked Kasey. “I would always be in big sister mode if she went here too.”

In high school, Kasey and Lindsay played multiple sports, excelling (almost equally) in lacrosse, indoor/outdoor track & field and field hockey. Both faired well in the classroom too, being named National Honor Society members and both fittingly shared Saint Mark’s Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year honors as seniors in 2010.

Of course they share similarities, like most twins, when it comes to things like wearing the same clothes, finishing each other’s sentences and even being mistaken for the “other sister” all over the UD campus and athletic facilities. But get to know the sisters for just a couple of minutes and you’ll see that there’s a noticeable difference between the two Blue Hen seniors.

Kasey, a nursing major and three-year starter for the field hockey team, is outspoken and isn’t afraid to let her sister know that she could beat her in a race or defeat her in any type of athletic competition. She’s a leader for the Blue Hens on and off the field, having entered her senior campaign appearing in 58 games, including 42 starts, while recording 40 points. She was also named a National College Athlete Honor Society selection, not surprisingly, like her sister.

Lindsay, on the other hand, originally planned to play field hockey alongside her sister at Delaware. Instead, she excelled in indoor and outdoor track & field as a high school senior and gave running a try in college. The plan worked out well for the Blue Hens, as Lindsay has earned back-to-back UD Alumni Association team MVP honors in cross country and broke three major program records in track last season alone. The exercise science major performs well in the classroom as well and was a first-team Capital One/CoSIDA District 2 All-Academic Team selection one year ago.

“Lindsay’s always had this thing where she likes to be separate from me,” Kasey said.

Lindsay jumped in and added, “I made my first friends [in high school] and told her [Kasey] ‘these are my friends, you’re not allowed to talk to these people. They’re mine.’ We weren’t even in the same honors classes, but the same groups of people were with us and she said ‘I’m friends with them, sorry.’”

While both sisters certainly like to joke around and enjoy each other’s company, it’s clear they understand and appreciate the unique situation they are in.

“In middle school we were always attached at the hip and I was like ‘OK, high school I want to be different.’”  Kasey said, “Then in college, we just kind of separated in a positive way, but we still find time to hang out. I think we appreciate each other a lot more now.”

“She still misses me,” Lindsay said as she laughed. “It’s funny, when we hang out with friends and meet up downtown or go somewhere off campus; we shop together and have the same clothes, obviously. We show up and see each other wearing the same thing and are like ‘what are you doing?’”

Perhaps the most important aspect of attending the University of Delaware together is that each sister has been able to develop individually and athletically over the course of her time as a Blue Hen. It’s something that both Kasey and Lindsay are proud of, especially when they can still have a solid sister bond, but still be their own person.

“I think we definitely realize how special and unique it is for us to be at the same school,” Kasey said. “We both have pride knowing that we come from the state of Delaware and in practically the same town. After high school, playing sports pretty much our whole childhood, there really wasn’t much talk of going to different colleges. It just worked out that way and I think we both are happy with that choice.”

“It’s nice because we have our own groups of friends, but we can also make time for each other,” said Lindsay. “If she’s [Kasey] had a rough practice, I’m there to help her out. Our friends who don’t play sports don’t understand the time drain involved.”

“They don’t get that after practicing at 6 a.m., you might be tired throughout the day,” Kasey said.

“Especially as a runner,” Lindsay added, “because sleep is so important. I go to bed early, wake up early, and my roommates are like ‘What are you doing?’, but Kasey understands that completely.”

Even when reminiscing on their childhood upbringing, both girls were quick to recognize their parents in regards to many of their accomplishments as athletes and adults.

“I just remember our parents were always like ‘go, go, go’ carting us around to sports practices,” Kasey said. “We did so well as kids and they always supported us.”

When it comes to their parents sharing the love and being able to watch each daughter in-person, Lindsay and Kasey agreed they do a good job of splitting up between their respective competitions as well as being able to see Joelle’s games too.

“They actually do spread it out equally,” Lindsay said. “They keep it balanced and don’t favor anyone. Our mom wanted me to play field hockey and even now when I go to Kasey’s games, she’ll say to me ‘they could use you out there’, and I just reply, ‘No, that’s ok’ ha, ha.”

Overall, the Prettyman twins have challenged the odds in many ways during their time as Blue Hens. Yes, they represent a unique situation because of their relationship as twin sisters who also happen to be Division I college athletes, but they also don’t let that define them. It’s more of an embracement between the two.

Following a meeting with the CAA on a late-morning Saturday in September, Kasey and Lindsay talked about who had the tougher morning practice. Kasey had a two-hour field hockey practice, which involved plenty of sprints (in her words), and Lindsay just had a casual run that lasted four-plus miles.

When asked if each sister could switch with the other in their respective sport, competition again fueled the debate.

“Well, I ran eight miles on Monday,” Kasey said.

“I don’t know about cross country,” added Lindsay on Kasey’s chances of being a full-time runner. “She has the speed for track. I’m trying to convince her to join for the spring, but she doesn’t want to miss her spring break, so we’ll see.”

“It would be my first year running!” Kasey added, defending her reasoning. “I’m a senior. I’ve already put in all my years after November.”