The District of Columbia Building Industry Association (DCBIA) had recently celebrated their annual “Community Improvement Day” on September 13th, 2008 and the George Mason men's volleyball squad volunteered at the event. The organization had over 500 volunteers come out to assist in completing their new mission to renovate interior and exterior features at the Douglass Community Center.  An integral group in this process for this year was the men’s volleyball team, which aimed their support toward implementing some “brains and brawn” into the renovation of highlighted damages toward the interior and exterior conditions of the facility.

Renovations include leaking roof repairs, light fixtures additions, landscaping, installation of park benches and picnic tables, paving basketball courts and creating new pathways for better access throughout the park and playgrounds throughout the facility. The volunteerism on behalf of the team is one of the many efforts for Mason Athletics to extend a helping hand during their community service inspired “Action Month” which encourages teams to volunteer their time toward projects and initiatives throughout the neighboring communities.