Virginia Commonwealth University student-athletes recently donated some of their time to help promote a great cause.

Flags and posters about National Gordie Awareness Day were prominently displayed on the lawn of VCU’s Cabell Library on the Monroe Park Campus.   This is an area of campus that is passed or visited (or both) by thousands of students, faculty and other members of the VCU community.

Members of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) also were available to hand out educational materials to promote alcohol awareness and answer any questions anyone wanted to pose.

National Gordie Awareness Day and National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week are two initiatives designed to promote alcohol safety and responsibility.   The primary purpose of National Gordie Awareness Day is to share the story of Gordie Bailey,  who was an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Colorado when he died of alcohol poisoning brought on by fraternity hazing (

“The SAAC members received positive feedback and many thought it was a great idea,” said Alisha Childress, the Department of Athletics’ Life Skills Coordinator.   “It was a great success and VCU student-athletes look forward to participating again and getting more student organizations involved.”