Student Spotlight 2011-12

CAA teams and student-athletes are involved in many activities away from the field of play. In an effort to recognize this, the "Student-Athlete Spotlight" will feature the CAA schools throughout the school year highlighting various activities that CAA student-athletes may be involved with in the community and/or on campus.

Student-Athlete Mission Statement

"As CAA Student-Athletes we commit ourselves to Be The Difference. As leaders in the community we personify and instill sportsmanship, perseverance, and compassion to establish a legacy based on today's excellence and tomorrow's success."

Sportsmanship Pledge

I am a CAA Student-Athlete.

I respect myself.
Through respecting myself,
I respect my opponent.
Through respecting my opponent,
I respect the game.
Through respecting the game,
I respect the officials.
Through respecting the officials,
I respect the outcome.
My example, in victory or defeat, nurtures respect in others.
Will you follow my lead?

Featured Spotlight

Drexel Women's Soccer Participates In Philly Clean-Up Day


Having gone to school in Philadelphia for two years now, I felt obligated to participate in the Drexel Spring Cleanup. Our coach had suggested the idea to our team and many of us were eager to help out. I volunteered with some of my teammates as a way to give back to the community we live in. Our coach even gave up his Saturday to help out as well. We arrived at 8 a.m. Saturday, April 2nd and were split into groups and bused off to different areas surrounding Drexel's Campus. My particular group was partnered with the Mantua Community Improvement Committee. The committee was extremely appreciative of our help and was very enthusiastic about the mission. The "MCIC", as it is known, was formed as a vehicle to keep the streets of Mantua safe and clean. They supplied us with all the tools necessary to clean the streets. My three teammates and I paired up with a family living in the area and were responsible for cleaning close to twenty city blocks. We cleaned vacant lots, streets, yards and picked up any piece of trash we came across. 

The community was extremely thankful for our efforts. Everyone who passed by was sure to thank us, and on multiple occasions we were asked if we needed a refreshment or snacks. We even got to stop and play with some of the kids in the neighborhood. Our short four hour job was able to transform the area into a much more inviting place. It was amazing to see what can be done so quickly with everyone working together.

Not only did the community benefit from the cleanup, but I feel everyone could take something positive away from the experience. We were able to connect with the Mantua residents in a way I never would have been able to do. I felt an incredible sense of community in the Mantua area that I had no idea existed. The MCIC even held a barbecue at the end of the day for all the volunteers. I could not have been more pleased with the way the day went. It was very rewarding to get to know the people living in our surrounding area on a more personal level. I have a much better understanding of the community around me and would not pass up another opportunity to help out. 



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