ATLANTA -- The Georgia State women's basketball team was together in Atlanta for a basketball tournament on Friday and Saturday, so they pitched in with the Atlanta community on Thanksgiving Eve to help prepare the big meal for Atlanta's less fortunate.

The team went to the DeKalb County Prison at 6 p.m. Wednesday night to work with several hundred volunteers who were preparing the Thursday Thanksgiving meals to be served at the Georgia World Congress Center.

The Hosea Feed The Hungry Program is in its 41st year in Atlanta and this year's event was able to serve nearly 40,000 among the five-plus million region.

"These volunteers come in here the night before and probably work even harder than they do at their real jobs to help get this ready," said chef Nick Johnson about these volunteers.

The GSU team had finished their Wednesday practice before heading on to the prison to help. GSU's basketball players come from five other states, from Australia, and from around the state of Georgia with four members from metro Atlanta.