WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - As part of a nationwide initiative to promote health amongst Native American youth through soccer, the William and Mary Tribe women's soccer team recently participated in NB3's Be A Game Changer traveling banner project.

The Tribe is just one of many soccer programs across the country that have volunteered to participate in order to help the NB3 Foundation to achieve their mission to positively impact the health of Native American youth.  Other soccer programs that have participated are UCLA, Cal-Berkeley, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Illinois among others.

The mission of the NB3 Soccer Program is to grow the sport of soccer in Indian Country as a means of obesity and diabetes prevention and for youth leadership development. Soccer is a global sport, and while up until now access to this sport has been limited in Indian Country, it has an incredible potential to become a cost-effective and major force for promoting physical activity and preventing childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes.

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