BOSTON (Feb. 14, 2011) - As a local affiliate of the Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign, Northeastern University is calling upon students to stand up and be counted as allies against violence. Northeastern Athletics and the Violence Support, Intervention and Outreach Network (ViSION) have partnered with Jane Doe Inc. to host a proclamation event during the men's basketball game against Delaware on Tuesday, Feb. 15 in Matthews Arena.

Northeastern community members will be invited to demonstrate their commitment to being part of the campaign to end violence against all by taking the white ribbon pledge as well as serve as ambassadors who recruit colleagues and friends to join in taking the pledge. ViSION and Jane Doe Inc. will be at the game to distribute white ribbons to those who take the pledge.

During a special halftime ceremony, Northeastern Director of Athletics Peter Roby will take the white ribbon pledge and will receive a white ribbon from Craig Norberg-Bohm, Jane Doe Inc.'s White Ribbon Day campaign coordinator.

ViSION and athletics will also unveil a public service announcement (PSA) around the issue of violence prevention during the game. Members from the Northeastern community, including athletes and student leaders from a variety of cultural and fraternal organizations contributed their voices to the PSA to encourage the community to take a stand against violence.

ViSION brings together a network of campus and community allies focused on providing sexual assault prevention, response and education for Northeastern students.

"We are proud to be involved in this PSA to bring awareness to the White Ribbon Day Campaign and the movement against violence," stated Kendrick Murphy, member education chair of Beta Theta Pi and doctor of pharmacy candidate (2012). "Beta has been a strong proponent for violence prevention and education programs at Northeastern for several years now and we appreciate the chance to speak out about men's roles in decreasing domestic violence and sexual assault."

The fourth annual White Ribbon Day is a statewide campaign sponsored by Jane Doe Inc. Throughout the month, men across the state will show their support by encouraging others in their organizations, families and workplaces to wear a white ribbon, place a poster up at their workplaces, spread the word about the campaign, organize local events to speak out against violence towards women, and challenge attitudes and behaviors which condone or tolerate violence.

"We're taking our cue from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that speaks to how violence against women is a human rights violation and how these abuses around the world are obstacles to efforts for peace and gender equality in all societies," said Craig Norberg-Bohm, Jane Doe Inc.'s White Ribbon Day campaign coordinator.

White Ribbon Day began in Canada in 1991, two years after the Montreal Massacre in which 14 female students at the University of Montreal were killed and 13 other students wounded by a single gunman. Canadians organized a response to show their support to victims of violence everywhere. The White Ribbon Day Campaign has grown internationally in the past 20 years.