ATLANTA (March 22, 2011) - GSU student-athletes Alex Fowler (golf) and Caitlin Price (cross country and track) were among the volunteers at the Mall of Georgia's Book Blast. Price details her experience here.

Being part of Book Blast was a very rewarding, enjoyable experience. When we arrived there was a large play area arranged in the center of the mall filled with many different stations for the children to explore.

Book Blast was a very interactive environment for younger children. In our reading corner, different volunteers had the opportunity to sit on the stage and read books to the children. After each book, a child was selected to receive that book as a gift and in between readings other volunteers from Disney would sing and dance with the children.

Being part of this event was a great way for us to come out of our shells and be interactive with children of different ages.

It is also a wonderful experience for the participants because they have the chance to play with other children, sing and dance around, listen to fun stories, receive little surprise gifts and learn new games. I would recommend Book Blast to other volunteers and to parents of young children because it is rewarding and enjoyable for everyone.