ATLANTA (March 22, 2011) - In February, the Athletics Department was asked to participate in the Georgia State University Day at the State Capitol. A group of student-athletes joined the rest of the delegation to the Capitol.

GSU was given several hours to greet the state legislators and set up displays in the lobby and rotunda area of the Capitol. A proclamation was read and presented in the Senate Chamber.

Georgia's new Governor Nathan Deal came and spoke with the GSU representation. Since Georgia State's Sports Arena is one block from the Capitol, the relationship is a natural one and a bonus for GSU's students.

Panthers' sophomore soccer player Sarah Bennett details her experience here.

GSU Day at the Capitol was a great experience and introduced the student-athletes to a network of new people. Besides teaming with Dr. Becker and Dr. Levick, we had the opportunity to meet fellow athletes, school teachers in the Atlanta community bringing their kids to the Capitol and various government administrators.

We also were standing near the GSU football display table and talked to a lot of different people who all showed true joy and excitement in GSU's new football program.

All of the attendants were very excited and invigorated when the GSU Marching Band and cheerleaders performed the GSU fight song. Seeing toes tapping all around the room showed me of how much support GSU really has.

In addition, being from Colorado, it was also fun to actually see the Georgia Capitol and a lot of the history of the building and people. If you add on the donuts and coffee, I'd say it was well worth the experience for everyone involved.

To view a photo album of the event, please click here.