FAIRFAX, Va. - The 2nd Annual Happy Heart Walk was on September 29, on George Mason's main campus in Fairfax and two other campuses in Arlington and Prince William. The Happy Heart walk is run through the Human Resources Department to promote healthy living to staff, faculty and students. Women's Lacrosse team stepped up and went out to help register people for the walk and walk with some departments on the One-Mile walk around campus. Danielle Woll (Women's Lacrosse) said "It was only a mile walk, took about ten minutes, but it was nice to get out and stretch my legs." They started at the Mason Clock tower on campus around the new performance building and then around to take a glance at the new hotel, then up through the woods to Student apartments then back to the Mason clock. The Human Resources department was thankful for the support from the Women's Lacrosse team. The girls also had fun out there meeting new people from across campus. Hopefully, this will build a new relationship across campus and Intercollegiate Athletics can be a big support system for this event.