ATLANTA (Sept. 29, 2010) - Georgia State's annual CAA Blood Challenge on September 28 proved to be another successful beneficial service and support project for the Atlanta community.

More than 325 registered to donate blood, with nearly 100 more folks volunteering their time to help in the beneficial cause.

"We really appreciate the enthusiastic support of the entire campus, all the donors and all the volunteers who took time to help," said Joanna Harris, Assistant Director for Academic Support and the Athletics coordinator for community events.

"Everyone stepped up to make this a successful event and it is always for a great cause," Harris added.

Georgia State's student-athletes topped 4,000 hours of community service last year and the goal was upped to 4,500 hours this year.

The CAA Blood Challenge is between the 12 universities of the CAA who combine to create awareness and replenish blood banks in their community every year.

Georgia State has finished in the top third of the schools each year of the drive.

Thanks to all who participated before, during and after this event.

Click here to view a photo album of the event.