BALTIMORE, Md. - Not many elementary school students get the chance to play touch football with a college football team. However, the fourth and fifth graders of White Oak Elementary School got a special treat on Thursday, March 25 when they were  visited by Coach Rob Ambrose and eight members of the Tiger football players for a touch football game.

The visit was organized by Megan Walrod, a fourth grade teacher at White Oak Elementary School. She organized the visit as a reward for fourth and fifth graders who agreed to take the Maryland State Assessment.  Of course, many of the students agreed to take the test after they heard about this great opportunity.

"A lot of our kids are foster children or live in residential treatment centers," said Tony Dicapula, a physical education teacher at the school. "They often aren't offered such great opportunities."

The idea for having the Towson Tigers to play football arose from the fourth and fifth graders after school reward program. 

"As a reward for doing well in class, the students will be allowed to play football ten minutes after school each day," said Megan Walrod. "The students absolutely love playing football, and when we found out we were able to do this, everyone was really excited!"

The visit began with the students playing a game of touch football with the Tigers. They played two games and then were ushered into the gym where they were allowed to ask the players and Coach Ambrose questions. 

Questions were asked ranging from, what the players like to do for fun to what position they play on the team. Following the question and answer session, students got the chance to receive autographs.

Colin Bass, Brian Boateng-Botwe, Ben Chroniger, Danny Collins, John Esposito, Mike Hurley, Steve Jordan and Rob Osborne joined Coach Ambrose on the visit to the school. 

The visit was very well-received.

"We are so glad to have had the Towson football team here today. This was truly wonderful. The Towson Tigers have a lot of new fans after today," said Principal Regina Martini.

- Jennifer Sapperstein