Members of the women's basketball team paid a visit to the Salvation Army J. B. Fuqua Boys and Girls Club in downtown Atlanta on Friday, March 19.

Senior Brittany Graham provided some details: "We spent the afternoon at this Boys & Girls Club of Atlanta as part of our plan for each student-athlete reach an individual total of 10 hours of community service this year.

"We had a lot of fun getting to know the kids and in just four short hours we quickly became attached to the kids as we left knowing them on a first name basis.

The first hour we played basketball, pool, air hockey, ping pong and other games with the children while they ate snacks and came in from school.

"After an hour of fun free time we split up with different grades ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade and higher and spent the next hour or so helping them with their homework, which brought back memories of fractions and spelling tests.

"After they each completed their homework it was back to fun and games to end the day.

"We student-athletes enjoy giving time back to the community, especially working with the youth, because it brings us back to our childhood and makes us feel good that kids look up to us so much."