WILMINGTON, N.C. - UNC Wilmington's student-athletes have once again contributed nearly 400 pairs of socks for distribution to the homeless through Comfort Socks, a Supply,N.C.-based organization that is providing warmth and protection for the less fortunate.

Several members of UNCW's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) recently delivered 395 pairs of socks to Comfort Socks founder and executive director Theresa Tese. UNCW's student-athletes raised money and purchased the socks to help make a difference.

"You may think one dollar doesn't buy much these days, but a little bit done with the spirit to help others can make a tremendous impact," said Tese. "Comfort Socks is proud that UNCW's student-athletes have chosen to do this again. Last year, we collected more than 10,100 pairs of socks, and we're well on the way to doing even better this year."

Tese said the socks will be distributed to a few shelters, including the "Early Bread" program fostered by St. Peter the Fisherman Church in Wilmington. The "Early Bread" program provides food and socks to the homeless on Sunday mornings.

The "Love In Action" ministry of Christ Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and "Matthews Mission" in Cary, N.C., will also benefit from the socks donated.

Comfort Socks is a 501(c)3 public charity that provides new socks to homeless shelters across the United States. Individuals wishing to organize sock drives are invited to visit www.ComfortSocksonline.org.