Drexel University's American Red Cross Club (DUARC) started a new tradition this year, to hold an annual toy drive for underprivileged families. This club helps Drexel SAAC annually during the CAA annual blood drive. So, to reciprocate for all they help they have given, SAAC agreed to help DUARC raise awareness and help collect over 50 toys.

This year's Drexel SAAC leaders, Brian Leung from men's swimming, Liam O'Neil from men's rowing, and Anthony Fittipaldi from men's rowing joined Deborah Silverman and her organization to make this a phenomenal start to an event that will continue for years to come.

The toys were given to the local Red Cross Chapter in Philadelphia to be distributed to the families. Because of the great success Drexel SAAC and American Red Cross Drexel University Chapter plan to have this event again next year. SAAC plans to continue this tradition for years to come because it helps others and also strengthens campus ties to create a better community.