November is National Adoption Month and NBC-10's Vai Sikahema invited members of the Drexel Women's Basketball Team (Jennifer Stjarnstrom, Gabriela Marginean, Alison Lupariello, Jasmina Rosseel, Tyler Hale, Kamile Nacickaite, Ayana Lee, Marisa Crane, Taylor Wootton, Hollie Mershon, Fiona Flanagan, Renee Johnson-Allen, and Ashley Davis) at Drexel to partner with him and the Freddie Mac Foundation to promote the Wednesday's Child Adoption Program.  Wednesday's Child is a foundation for children to help them find a family willing to adopt them. Women's Basketball had the opportunity to meet Jowelle, a teenager who loves basketball, math and hopes to become a lawyer. 

The players welcomed Jowelle on the court before practice so she could demonstrate her skills and learn some new things about playing basketball. The student-athletes had a lot of fun with her and aimed to give her hope and encouragement about her future. The players shared personal stories with Jowelle about their life experiences and backgrounds; they were open about what drives them to play sports and the value of going to college. They encouraged Jowelle to continue to take opportunities, have self confidence and work hard towards goals. 

Drexel Women's basketball plans to see Jowelle at home games in 2010 and to keep checking on her status with the Wednesday's Child Foundation with hopes that she will find a loving and supportive family that will share her love of school and sports.

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