FAIRFAX, Va. (December 14, 2009) - The George Mason University women's lacrosse team helped staff the AIDS Quilt display at George Mason University on World AIDS Day earlier this month. The Patriots have regularly been donating their time to community service projects throughout the region and this was the latest of their endeavors.

To commemorate World AIDS Day, the AIDS Quilt was displayed at George Mason University on Tuesday, Dec. 1 in and around Dewberry Hall in the Johnson Center. Prominent entertainers, speakers and public officials were on hand at the event to begin a week-long series of activities on campus to highlight AIDS awareness, prevention, incidence and support.

The Patriots helped with a range of tasks during the day including quilt unpacking, display and set-up of the quilt, quilt monitoring, clean up and quilt packers. Hundreds of volunteers were necessary for the event to run smoothly and Mason's women's lacrosse team was glad to be able to help.

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