At Drexel University, the community has become an integral part of the service work done by student-athletes. One such organization that utilizes the efforts of student-athletes at Drexel University is the West Philadelphia Community Center.  For more information:

The university provides this organization with available athletic space for various types of events and also supports them with beneficial social services.  Each year around Halloween, several children who attend the local community center get dressed up in costumes and come over to Drexel's campus by bus.  In having high spirits of raising money for UNICEF, the children ask students walking by the Daskalakis Athletic Center to drop spare change into orange "Trick or Treat" boxes the community center provides them with.  The donations are sent directly to UNICEF after the event, which is used to help children living in poverty in developing countries.

This year, Drexel SAAC leaders Lucas Hippel from the Cheer team and Chris Rotante from the men's lacrosse team joined the children and community center employees, guiding them through the campus to help them find the best locations for receiving donations.  The children raised a total of $246 for UNICEF this year and everyone involved was able to enjoy both the children's costumes and enthusiasm.  The Drexel University Athletic Department looks forward to having the children from the West Philadelphia Community Center come again next year and enjoy Halloween while simultaneously helping others in need.