NEWARK, Del. - On Saturday, Aug. 29, the men's soccer squad members had "all hands on deck" helping the newcomers to the University of Delaware move in.

"When I first arrived here three years ago I wanted to let the players know that I was a firm believer in our group getting involved in community service projects," said fourth-year head coach Ian Hennessy.

One of the on-campus events that the players chose to do was welcome new students and families to the university by lending a helping hand upon arrival to Newark. The student-athletes helped incoming freshman and transfer students unload their vehicles and lug masses of clothing, food, furniture and electronics into the dorms.

"It can be a harrowing time not only for the freshmen but also for their parents who are seeing their babies off to a new environment away from home for the first time," said Hennessy. "We like to be there to let them know that they have a new family, an even larger family at the University of Delaware, and there are people who are here to help."

"I think the families appreciate it," noted Hennessy.