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Photo Gallery: 2007 CAA Basketball Media Day 10/18/2007
Washington, D.C. -- ESPNZone
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  • 426 640 Basketball Media Day Still Image 2007 CAA Basketball Media Day 816828 CAA
    480 640 0708_Basketball_MediaDay_01.jpg A selection of media guides were available for the members of the media to collect. 819979 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Jim_Larranaga.jpg George Mason's men's head coach Jim Larranaga interviews with a number of media members. 820007 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_WLarry_DPatrick_MGreenburg.jpg ODU's Wendy Larry speaks with USA Today's Dick Patrick, Philadelphia Inquirer's Mel Greenburg and Virginian-Pilot's Vicki Friedman. 820032 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Graham_LavinPatrick2.jpg Jody Lavin Patrick and Scott Graham are the hosts of the CAA Basketball Preview Show, which will begin airing along the east coast during the preseason. 820006 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Anthony_Grant.jpg VCU's men's head coach Anthony Grant is interviewed by many members of the media. 819982 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_Debbie_Taylor.jpg William & Mary's women's head coach Debbie Taylor is interviewed by Hofstra's WRHU Radio Station. 819999 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Tom_Pecora2.jpg Hofstra's men's head coach Tom Pecora 820024 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Daynia_La_Force_Mann2.jpg Northeastern's women's head coach Daynia La-Force Mann 819995 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Rod_Barnes_Lea_Henry.jpg Georgia State head coaches Lea Henry and Rod Barnes 820018 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_EJohnson_PRoby.jpg Delaware's athletic director Edgar Johnson and Northeastern's athletic director Peter Roby 820004 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Pat_Kennedy.jpg Towson's men's head coach Pat Kennedy 820017 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_Tina_Martin.jpg Mike Schikman, voice of the JMU Dukes, speaks with Delaware's women's head coach Tina Martin 820020 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Tony_Shaver2.jpg William & Mary's men head coach Tony Shaver 820029 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Kenny_Brooks2.jpg James Madison's women's head coach Kenny Brooks 820013 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Tom_Yeager2.jpg CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager 820027 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_WomensCoaches.jpg William & Mary's Debbie Taylor, Hofstra's Krista Kilburn-Steveskey and Old Dominion's Wendy Larry speak with the Vicki Friedman from the Virginian-Pilot. 820033 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Blaine_Taylor3.jpg Old Dominion's men's head coach Blaine Taylor 819992 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_Denise_Dillon.jpg Philadelphia Inquirer's Mel Greenburg interviews Drexel's women's head coach Denise Dillon. 820001 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Tom_OConnor.jpg USA Today's Tom O'Toole speaks with George Mason's athletic director Tom O'Connor. 820022 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Benny_Moss_KMehrtens.jpg UNC Wilmington's men's head coach Benny Moss is interviewed and is joined by the Seahwaks' new athletic director Kelly Mehrtens. 819986 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Krista_KilburnSteveskey.jpg Hofstra's women's head coach Krista Kilburn-Steveskey is interviewed on the Pride's own WRHU. 820014 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Dean_Keener2.jpg James Madison's men's head coach Dean Keener 819996 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_Basketball_MediaDay_02.jpg Many types of media covered the 2007 CAA Basketball Media. 819980 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_Bill_Coen.jpg Northeastern's men's head coach Bill Coen is interviewed by Hofstra's WRHU radio station. 819988 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_BCunningham_DPatrick.jpg USA Today's Dick Patrick interviews VCU's women's head coach Beth Cunningham. 819985 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Monte_Ross.jpg Delaware's men's head coach Monte Ross 820016 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Ann_Hancock.jpg UNC Wilmington's women's head coach Ann Hancock 819981 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Bruiser_Flint.jpg Drexel's men's head coach Bruiser Flint 819993 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Joe_Mathews.jpg Towson's women's head coach Joe Mathews 820011 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_JLarranaga_GreenScreen.jpg George Mason's men's head coach Jim Larranaga tapes a public service announcement in front of a green screen. 820010 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Lea_Henry.jpg Georgia State's women's head coach Lea Henry is interviewed by USA Today's Dick Patrick. 820015 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Graham_LavinPatrick.jpg Scott Graham and Jody Lavin Patrick tape a segment of the CAA Basketball Preview Show. 820005 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Dick_Patrick.jpg USA Today's Dick Patrick catches up with Philadelphia Inquirer's Mel Greenburg at CAA Basketball Media Day. 820002 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Beth_Cunningham.jpg ESPN's Bess Bowers catches up with VCU's women's head coach Beth Cunningham 819987 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Anthony_Grant2.jpg VCU's men's head coach Anthony Grant 819983 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_Kenny_Brooks.jpg James Madison's women's head coach Kenny Brooks 820012 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Jim_Larranaga2.jpg George Mason's men's head coach Jim Larranaga 820008 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Debbie_Taylor2.jpg William & Mary's women's head coach Debbie Taylor 820000 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Dean_Keener_Mary_McElroy.jpg James Madison's men's head coach Dean Keener talks with Georgia State's athletic directory Mary McElroy. 819997 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Wendy_Larry.jpg Old Dominion's Wendy Larry 820030 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Scott_Graham.jpg Scott Graham 820019 CAA/Ryan Garka
  • 480 640 0708_BMD_Tom_Yeager.jpg CAA Commissioner Tom Yeager 820026 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Tina_Martin2.jpg Delaware's women's head coach Tina Martin 820021 CAA/Ryan Garka
    480 640 0708_BMD_Tom_Pecora3.jpg Hofstra's men's head coach Tom Pecora 820025 CAA/Ryan Garka